Rise & Shine is the new essential digital bulletin with all the news in the hospitality industry in the South and South West.

Arriving every Monday at 7am, it will set the weekly agenda for 20,000 industry professionals with exclusive trade content that informs and entertains. 

Regular content:
  • Industry news – we bring you the essential news and updates that affect the industry in your area.
  • Legislation – what the implications are for your business?
  • Appointments – keep up to date with all the key movers in your industry.
  • Product news – the latest key product releases.
  • Food trends – we look at local and global food trends so you can get ahead of the competition and find the next big thing.
  • New food and drink news – be among the first to discover new food and drink products coming to market.
  • Global news – major breaking news that could impact on the South and South West hospitality market.
  • Play with your food – from the rebirth of moonshine in the US to people putting butter in coffee, we will entertain our audience with the quirkier side of food from around the world.